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 Back in School 
social campaign

It's that time again, a time to learn 

and laugh and play... For a child, being back in the classroom can open a

whole new world of wonder. 

Excerpt: Goddard Back in School Campaign

 Lead social media 

Instagram + Facebook +  Back in School: Website Landing Page

 From "mama & dada" to 

 giddy giggles & little babbles, 

 watching your baby grow is an 

 exciting journey. 

Excerpt: Goddard Back in School Campaign


Serving 70,000 + students in 560 + Schools in 38 states; The Goddard National Brand needed a writer to help engage its parent audience during their 2021 Back in School campaign.

From writing their ABC's to every new 
hop, skip and jump—kindergarten is 
where learning comes to life. 

Excerpt: Goddard Back in School Campaign

 Tone of 

Goddard's voice is warm, nurturing + fun.  

To compliment these traits, I added a
tone of nostalgia to adapt emotionally
to the feelings parents experience when
putting their child back in school.

This was key in nurturing parents and
empowering them to hold onto these
special, yet oh-so fleeting moments during

A universal feeling living in the heart of

Marveling as those wobbly knees turn 

into confident first steps is a moment 
you'll always remember. 

Excerpt: Goddard Back in School Campaign

 Instagram stories. 

From little ooohs and ahhhs to finger  points and double takes, driving your  child to school can feel like a big  adventure. 

Excerpt: Goddard Back in School Campaign

[Beginning of physical social assets + landing pages]

 Watch Me Grow 

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 Facebook static 

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 Landing page 

 Back in School 

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 Thank you 

I appreciate you taking time out of your day to view my work.


If you're looking to put your  🤍  into words + unlock the voice behind your social enterprise....


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- Charley

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