Startup tongue.

Speak your way out of competition.

A vocal rebrand for startups struggling
to liberate their voice—and find a winnable
position in the market.


 Prose + Positioning 

Great startups speak with a steady
tongue of verbs, nouns, and adjectives
that carve out a unique spot in people's

You'll gain a language identity that'll
emotionally differentiate your brand
past dispassionate startups in your
product category.



Like great films, memorable startups are easy to remember—and just as
easy to explain.

They harness the power of one. One
idea. One audience. One message.

I use this brand messaging strategy to
help write your startup above and beyond confusingly complex competitors in your marketplace.


 Spark of Life 


Ready to reach more hearts,
and impact more people?

tell me a few things.

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